CancerCell FAQ

Multi-modality bioelectric therapy protocol
What is the CancerCell bioelectric therapy designed to do?
Read a the bioelectric signals of a cancer tumor and then custom deliver precise signals to…
1.  Jam the ability of the tumor to communicate.
2.  Change the surface proteins and electrical charge so the body attacks it – immunotherapy.
3.  Starve the tumor of blood supply.
4.  Jam the tumor cell division signals so the cells stop dividing.
5.  Reprogram the cancer cells to become healthy or inert cells.
6.  Manage the inflammation associated with the tumor and the affected organ.
7.  Regenerate the organ after the the tumor has been eradicated by recruiting stem cells and more,
What is the expected mechanism of action of the CancerCell bioelectric therapy?

The bioelectric signals are designed to communicate with the cell membranes and DNA within their cell nucleus to control protein expressions and reprogramming. This often is via controlling membrane potential and cell pore opening and closings as well as micro RNA expressions.

Have any bioelectric cancer therapy clinical trials demonstrated safety and efficacy?

Novocure sponsored a pilot study of electrical fields to jam the communication ability of brain tumor cells and had successful results. This lead to FDA approval for their product for the limited to only most aggressive types of brain cancer.

Pulsed Biosciences, Inc. a California based company sponsored some small pilot studies utilizing pulsed electro magnetic fields to slow the growth of skin cancer tumors and reported successful results.

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When do we expect the CancerCell bioelectric therapy to available to patients in clinical trials?

We are just starting now our very first small animal studies.  From this stage forward to clinical trials normally take 5 years.  We hope to reduce this time period but have no assurances we will be able to do that.   We will likely start clinical trials outside of the USA before the USA as is the common practice in our field.